Fly Fishing



Tackle Assembly

Learning to Cast

The Flies of Fly Fishing

Lefty's Tips



   By entering the world of fly fishing you have chosen to take part in a pursuit that is both sport and art. This course is designed to start you in the basics of the sport of fly fishing. The art of fly fishing will come to you as you go out into the lake or stream, as you practice casting in your back yard, as you twist a strand of elk hair onto a #22 hook. This is a lifelong pursuit; these are your first steps in the journey.

   The mechanics of navigating your way through this course are easy - everything is done by pointing and clicking your mouse. If you have gotten to this page, you must have already figured out at least some of the navigation techniques. There are two ways to navigate the Discover Fly Fishing course. The first is by clicking the Table of Contents links at the top left of each screen in the course. Each chapter in the course is indicated by a small right pointing yellow triangle followed by the name of the chapter. The triangle that is pointing down indicates the chapter currently being displayed. You can navigate quickly through the course by clicking on the name of the chapter you want to go directly to. Occasionally you will see a small left pointing yellow arrow . Clicking these arrows will link you to different locations within the current page. This is to save you the chore of scrolling down a long page if you would rather jump right there.

   The second method of navigation is to use the fly "buttons" at the bottom of the page. By using the "fly" buttons, you can move through the course in a linear fashion. Notice that the buttons that take you backward point left and that the buttons that take you forward in the course point to the right:

The "Elk Hair Caddis" button will always take you back to the beginning of the course - the welcome screen.

The "Gray Ghost" button will take you back to the previous screen.

The "Light Cahill" button will take you to the next screen.

The "Royal Coachman" button will take you to the last screen of the course - The Fly Fishing Gallery