The Mission Of The Pikes Peak Flyfishers

Our Mission & Programs

Mission Statement

The mission, or goal of the Pikes Peak Flyfishers is to provide its membership with activities which enhance and expand their enjoyment and knowledge of the sport of fly fishing.

To achieve this goal, various functions have been established to provide:

  1. Monthly Meetings of the membership to include presentations by knowledgeable proponents of the sport;
  2. Education at all experience levels covering all aspects of the sport;
  3. Group Activities providing the membership the opportunity to enrich and share the sport with their fellow members.

The sum total of these functions comprise the club's annual activity schedule to meet the needs of the membership. Each function shall be under the guidance of a Committee Chairman, or Program Director.


  1. Monthly Membership Meetings - The Monthly Meeting convenes the first Thursday of the month. This meeting shall include a brief business meeting to inform the membership of decisions reached by the Board which affect Club operations and to keep the members abreast of on-going and up-coming activities. The business meeting will be followed by the presentation of a topic germane to the membership's interests. Presentations are under the guidance of the Program Chairman. The President shall preside over the Monthly Meeting.
  2. Education - Education shall include instruction in fly tying and casting. Instruction in basic fly fishing techniques will be an adjunct of the Trip activity, as required. Activities for this function are as follows:
    • Fly Tying - Instruction in fly tying shall cover basic, intermediate, and advanced fly tying techniques. Flt tying tool kits are provided by the club for the basic fly tying class. Additional classes may be offered in specialized areas. Fly tying instruction will be under the guidance of the Fly Tying Program Director.
    • Casting - Fly casting instruction shall include beginner, intermediate, and advanced casting clinics. Additional clinics, covering casting problem areas for all levels of experience, may be offered as required. Casting instruction will be under the guidance of the Casting Program Director.
  3. Group Activities:
    • Trips - Club trips, both day outings and overnight trips, shall be offered to the membership under the guidance of the Trip Director.
    • Annual picnic for the whole family.
    • Annual banquet for members, spouses, and friends.

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