These Are The Dedicated Folks Who Head Up The Club!

Board Members

The Board is composed of the club's Officers, Committee Chairmen, and Program Directors. The Board shall meet regularly to address the operations of the club. A brief summary of the Board's actions will be presented to the membership at the Monthly Meeting. Any recommendations by the Board which incur expenditure of club funds will be brought to the floor of the Monthly Meeting to be discussed and voted upon by the general membership.

Below is a listing of Pikes Peak Flyfishers Board Members and their email addresses.


Jim Davis President


(858) 449-3245 

John Macy Vice President


(719) 495-3989

Tom Thieme Treasurer


(719) 464-5915



Jeanne Browning Secretary

 (719) 593-2874

Bruce Carter Program Director


(719) 237-3282

Pat Steiger Membership Chair



Newsletter Editor
Shane Morrison Casting Program Director


(719) 352-6492 

  Fly Tying Program Director





 Thomas Mitchell Gear Chairman

(907) 223-3673 
Web Master


Trip Director